Memento Mori I & Memento Mori II, 2019

Animated single channel digital projection, 3m x 2m (variable sizes)

For our throwaway times, I created a series of animated images that reference the traditional Memento Mori and Vanitas. Photographic imagery connected to these traditions (an animal skull, flowers, books) appear and move slowly within the oval shaped projection, alongside some of the accoutrements of modern living, like mobile phones, social media icons and anti- wrinkle creams. Momento Mori is an exploration of the idea of memory, mortality and loss that I began in previous work, The Twelve Trees.

Memento Mori is a Latin term that in English means, “Remember you must die.” This reminder of mortality is not meant to be morbid or make people fearful, but to inspire and motivate people to make the best of their lives. The idea has been a central theme in art, philosophy, literature and architecture throughout history. Related to Memento Mori, Vanitas is a still life tradition of painting that also reminds us of the vanity (as in ultimate worthlessness) of worldly pleasures and goods.

Selected Works

Images from previous projects.

Studio Animations 2020

Animated gifs

Experimental work exploring possessions in a series of animated gifs that I see as moving still-lifes, continuing on the from the work I started last year on the Memento Mori and Vanitas.

Twelve Trees, 2016-18

Single channel digital projection, 3m x 2m

In twelve months, I lost twelve people I knew, some of them close and some less so, but still people who I had known since I was small. Twelve Trees is an exploration of grief, through a thoughtful and peaceful projection of slowly moving images onto a little used space in the building of Hereford College of Arts. The installation became a point of contemplation for staff and students and the college asked for it to be left in place for a month longer than originally planned. The work was reconfigured for The Happening, an Invisible Arts Network (Rural Media) event in 2017.

Volka, 2015

Single channel digital projection through chapel window to inner church, 2m x 1m

A commission for The Light, a group show of artists working with light. Volka was an installation of projected images in the Volka Chapel at St Michael & All Angels Church. The images were all collected in and around the church and re-presented on and through the chapel window, shining into the interior of the church. The work transformed this area of the church and chapel, showing the details of the church and its environment in a new way and challenging the visitor's knowledge and reading of the building.

Power & Shame

Video, 1:41 minutes

A short artist's film, exploring the abuse of power and the shame it can create. The film invites the viewer to form their own opinions.

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Thereby Hangs a Tale (2015)

Single channel digital projection, 10m x 8m. Meadow Arts commission at Croft Castle & Parkland (National Trust).

This is a reconfiguring of a 2013 commission for Meadow Arts and National Trust's Croft Castle & Parkland, who asked for the work to be reshown in a new way. The commission investigated the fabric of the place, both materially and in terms of the stories and tales that live on through its inhabitants and visitors, past and present. The projection on the outer walls of the castle's grounds brought the castle's contents out into the open and subtly referenced the legends and tales of this ancient place. Photos by Stefan Handy.


Images of further work

Thereby Hangs a Tale (2013)

Single channel digital projection, 4m x 3m. Meadow Arts commission at Croft Castle & Parkland (National Trust).

Thereby Hangs a Tale is the result of an artist's residency at Croft Castle & Parkland, during which I investigated the fabric of the place.. The Slate Store was a forgotten space in the outer walls of the castle,  a building which was otherwise carefully curated and cared for in every detail. Photographing the ornate details from inside the castle I projected them, along with studio images referencing the tales and folklore of the place, into this dark and unloved space, playing with ideas of inside/outside and what we choose to cherish or abandon.

Rebecca Farkas

Contemporary artist, working with colour and light to produce video, photographs and installation artworks





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