Thereby Hangs a Tale

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Rebecca Farkas

Photography Video Installation Artist

Thereby Hangs a Tale



Croft Castle Exhibitions


Thereby Hangs a Tale


In 2012 Rebecca Farkas was commissioned by prestigious arts organisation Meadow Arts to work at Croft Castle in Herefordshire on an artist’s residency as part of their contemporary art programme Time Will Tell. Farkas worked at Croft throughout the year, taking photographs and video both within the castle and outside in its grounds. The resulting artwork, Thereby Hangs a Tale, was on show in the slate room of Croft Castle during 2013, bringing the interior glamour of the castle's contents into an unloved dark space.


Meadow Arts and Croft Castle subsequently asked to reshow the artwork at their 2014-15 exhibition In Another Light. The projection was resited on the outer walls of Croft Castle and Parkland, making a dramatic entrance point to the exhibition, and rethinking its scale; from its original slate-room intimacy to a large scale projection.



Image above: digital image projected into the Slate Room at Croft Castle & Parkland, 2013. Image: Rebecca Farkas.



Contemporary artist, working with colour and light to produce video, photographs and installations