Rebecca Farkas

Photography Video Installation Artist

Artist's Statement


My circus background informs my work and influences everything about the way I look at the world. The circus is a place of transformation: it arrives in a bare space and sets up for the shows, bringing something special for a few nights before it is gone.


The work I make explores ideas of transformation, using artificial light to draw out effects of great beauty and colour from everyday objects and materials. Using photography and video, the transformations caused by the light can be captured and exaggerated so that the viewer can see what I see.


For me, looking through the lens of a camera or video camera helps me to focus on the details, the fascinating parts of objects, and also provides a sense of ambiguity in the images that increases my interest in them. It makes me look. Some of these images and ideas are explored through installations, taking them into three-dimensional spaces and responding to individual contexts.

Contemporary artist, working with colour and light to produce video, photographs and installation artworks


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